Take back your life.

Empowering you to Thrive.

Thrivors™ provides a safe, effective, individualized coach plus mobile program that supports your healing process.

Empowering survivors to live longer, healthier lives!

You know first-hand that cancer and cancer treatments are hard. Navigating the cancer journey is challenging. Thrivors™ is a digital health platform that addresses your needs in real-time with research-based tools.


Addressing social determinants of health to reduce barriers to self-efficacy


Research-based exercise and nutrition tips through the ups and downs of cancer


Coach connections to community-based resources for support

As a Thrivors member,

you will have access to Cancer Wellness Coaches, research-based tools, and SDoH resources to dramatically improve your life and navigate the ups and downs of your recovery.


Transforming barriers to recovery

This year alone, 14 million people around the world will hear "you have cancer".  

What people do after cancer treatment dramatically impacts their vitality and lifespan.

Thrivors transforms this critical recovery period using Cancer Wellness Coaches to recognize and refer patients to local SDoH resources to improve healing and outcomes.

Cancer Wellness Coaches change the course of cancer recovery.
Let us help.

Research shows virtual coaching, physical activity, a healthy diet, and managing stress make a difference. 


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Customized, guided exercise based on your pain and energy each day.

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Connect with others who are are on the same journey.



Specialized recipes to meet the unique needs of cancer survivors.



Virtual coaching support and referrals to help along the way.

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Daily answer "How do you feel?" with our symptom and emotion tracker.

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Timely information for patients, caregivers and friends.

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Manage your stress with deep breathing and guided meditation.


Life Tools

Get organized, set reminders, and coordinate with family.

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Mobile App with:

  • Scheduling tool to connect with a Cancer Wellness Coach

  • Referrals to local resources of support

  • Exercise videos and healthy recipes

How it Works

Choose the path that's right for you.

We understand that life after cancer is challenging. We provided tools for you to utilize when you are ready.  We're in this together, always listening, always available.

Virtual exercise program based on fatigue, pain, energy, and secondary conditions (i.e., neuropathy and lymphedema) on that day.

Provides nutritional direction that aligns with best practices for maintaining energy, bone health, and a healthy body weight.

Delivers real-time referrals to community-based resources. 

Measures activities and variable health status over time and provides reports you can share with your care team.


“We all know we should be active to the extent that we can, we should be exercising, we know its good for us. We don’t always know what do….[It’s] great to have a coach.”

Andrew Schorr (Survivor and founder of Patient Power)

“It gives me hope and belief that I can do it. I can survive. I can live a pretty much normal and happy life, and I’m not alone…that’s a biggie for me.”

Larry (Cancer Survivor)

“Thrivors mediations gave me a sense of balance in my life. I felt like I was doing something positive. I felt good about managing my stress.”

Stephanie, Breast Cancer Survivor

“I feel successful when I eat a healthy meal. There are so many situations in which I don’t feel successful. My cancer is not going away. It’s continuing to impact my life, and yet, I can be successful in my nutrition.”

Linda, Metastatic Cancer Survivor


Family members need support too.

When a loved-one is diagnosed with cancer, the experience impacts a whole circle of friends and family. Family members are looking for meaningful ways to help. We understand the stress and anxiety cancer places on relationships and the importance of supporting family members: spouses, partners, mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, friends and caregivers.

Cancer Wellness Coaching

Virtual coaching sessions reimbursed by your insurance company.

Community-based Resources

Social determinants of health impact a patient's ability to address well-being issues. Once resources are deployed, patients are better able to take the next steps in the healing process.