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About Thrivors

Our Story

Like many people, the Thrivors Team and Board of Advisors have a personal experience with cancer. Our personal connections and stories drive our passion and vision for empowering cancer survivors and their caregivers to take ownership of their recovery.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower cancer survivors to thrive by providing cancer-specific resources that add to the healing process. For patients, we believe exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness should be an integral part of every cancer journey to reduce disease recurrence and improve function. For healthcare providers, we drive a pioneering, mobile cancer program that fulfills the 2015 Commission on Cancer Mandate with the goal of reducing costs at every stage of cancer treatment.

Our Team

Cathy Skinner

Founder & CEO

As a Cancer Exercise Specialist, Skinner has provided exercise and wellness training for cancer survivors since 2008. She was the first certified ACSM Cancer Exercise Specialist in MN. Skinner is a Master teacher for ACSM and she authored The Art of Well’s Exercise for Cancer Recovery™. Skinner teaches classes, speaks at support groups and conferences about the value of exercise for cancer recovery.

Eric Hoffman

Co-Founder & CTO

With a strong background in product development, software, security, compliance, and infrastructure, Hoffman has implemented large-scale systems across multiple sectors supporting Government, international organizations, and Fortune 500 companies. He has also been a key technical executive in driving lean startups, while additionally creating open source solutions supporting improved health and food security globally.

Debby Nowak, MD

Chief Medical Officer

A general surgeon with 10 years of private practice experience. Dr. Nowak left practice in 2014 and she is focused on using her talents in the larger arena of non-clinical medicine. Her strengths include creative problem solving, tenacity, and the ability to see processes from beginning to end from multiple perspectives. Debby has experience in informatics, surgical preparedness, and peri-operative garment design.

Arvind Raghavan, PhD

Chief Science Officer

A dynamic, disciplined and team-oriented biotech professional with over 15 years of accomplishments in drug discovery & development, strategic alliances and biosciences research.Excellence in communicating technical & business information to investors, strategic partners and key stakeholders. Original and innovative research accomplishments in immunology, cancer biology, genomics, metabolic & neurodegenerative diseases.

John Emerson


For 20 years, John Emerson has helped to design, build and launch successful technology-based solutions to consumer healthcare problems. John has held leadership positions in consumer engagement, provider selection, hospital quality, online appointments, and telehealth. He's held leadership positions at RelayHealth/McKesson, (now bigger than WebMD),, and SilverSneakers, the largest older adult fitness program in the US. John’s goal is to help deliver a new and scalable standard for value-based cancer care that includes rehabilitation, coaching, and digital engagement.

Board of Advisors

Shirley Weis




Brad Lehrman


Dr. Sidath Kumarapperuma

AJ Meyer


Chris Merritt



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