• Julie Wheelan

Bone Health Exercise: Squats

Squats have the potential to improve bone health and prevent (or slow) bone loss. To understand the proper form, watch this video before starting. This exercise works the legs and hips. No equipment is needed. 

  • Start with feet parallel, about shoulder width apart. 

  • Press your hips back as you squat down.

  • Look forward, chest lifted, and weight in your heels.

  • Raise your arms forward with palms up as you lower your hips.

  • If you are holding weights, keep your arms by your side. Squat down for a count of three like you're skiing down a hill (rather than sitting in a chair). 

  • Complete two sets of 10 repetitions each. 

  • Keep track of your sets and repetitions.


  • If you have discomfort in your knees, make sure your body weight is in your heels (not your toes). Also, instead of having your feet parallel, turn out your toes slightly.

  • If you want a bit more challenge, use hand weights, which are widely available for sale online.

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