• Julie Wheelan

Bone Health Exercise: Table Top Lift

With this exercise, you have the potential to improve bone health and prevent (or slow) bone loss in the hip. This exercise works large muscle groups in the leg and hip and puts (good) stress on the bones. No equipment is needed unless you use hand weights to create a bit more challenge.

  • Start with feet shoulder width apart. Arms by your sides.

  • With a straight back, hinge at the hip pressing your hips back with your weight shifting into your heels. Think of forming a “table top” with your body, rather than bending over with a rounded back. You should feel the muscles in the back of your legs (hamstrings).

  • Squeeze your butt (glutes) to return to an upright position.

  • Complete two sets of 10 repetitions each. 

  • Keep track of your sets and repetitions.

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