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  • Thrivors helps employees and their loved ones navigate through treatment and into recovery with lower costs, higher quality of life and improved resilience.

  • We work closely with your HR department to promote and deliver services to those who need it through marketing materials, webinars, and virtual coaching.

  • Our telecoaching and digital tools give employees confidence to address  their needs around exercise, nutrition and  coaching when intensive treatment is over and they moving into survivorship.

  • We maintain patient connection to your Center of Excellence with access to survivorship plans, supportive content, provider hotlines and ongoing care.


  • Extend your brand presence through easy access to portals, care resources, counseling hotlines, etc.

  • Improve patient HCAP and net promoter scores and align with support marketing outreach through text messaging and newsletters.

  • Help patients develop and maintain new healthy habits in their post-treatment lives through tele-coaching and digital empowerment tools.

  • Provide ongoing content and help patients track symptoms, emotions, energy and pain over time.

  • Cancer patients need actionable tools.

  • Interception point: engage with cancer patients at the right time with the right content in the right way.

  • Providing non-clinical data on a specific population that’s linked to behavior and outcomes.

  • Digital health platform that gathers Quality of Life data for research.

  • Addressing social determinants of health.